Shepherd Dog On Watch

--- Purebred English Shepherd, long pedigree, UKC registered
--- Proven working ability
--- See his page below for personality and working characteristics
--- Purebred English Shepherd, long pedigree, UKC registered
--- Proven working instinct
--- See her page below for personality and working characteristics

Her owner said to me: "You asked me if Kellee was biting heels.  I hadn't paid much attention to that she usually shoulders or grabs at the flank of the sheep.  Yesterday I led a sheep out into the cul-de-sac and up the drive to the front pen.  When the sheep would start dragging her feet, Kellee would bite at her heels.  That was just what I wanted and a great help.  She did a perfect job because she didn't get excited or get the sheep panicky, just kept it moving.  That is the most exciting thing I've seen in a long time.  (Puppy at 14 months.)

"Last night the big dogs were standing below the big barn barking toward
the back field.  This was about 9 PM, very dark and cold.  I flashed the
little light that I carry down that way and saw 2 eyes shining in the
trees.  Now what?  I was sort of afraid to go back there but then it
moved into the roadway and I could tell it was one of the sheep.  Why or
how it was separated from the flock in the corral, I don't know.  I
started in then to get it and it ran up the hill into the big field.  As
I was picking my way through the rocks and mud, Kellee ran ahead and I
was kind of cussing her because I figured she would just chase it farther
out in the field and make my walk longer.  I couldn't see it all in the
dark but suddenly the sheep was running back toward me and she was just
loping quietly behind.  When the sheep had passed me on it's way to the
corral, she slowed down and just trotted ahead of me.  That was all
without a word from me the whole time until much praise afterward.
Earlier in the day she had penned a reluctant one without undue
roughness.  She is beginning to understand what needs to be done.  If it
makes sense to her, she is quicker to act than being commanded to do
something for an unknown reason.
I was pretty impressed."  (At 15 months.)


His owner said: "Mike is a watcher.  He was watching the boys put the heifers away one night and seemed to think they needed help.  So, off he goes from the porch and puts the heifers into the barn.  The boys were giving him encouragement.  Then he came back to the porch and sat down by my side."  (Puppy at 8 months)


Is Evaluated for both Personality and Structure.
Is Matched to the new owner's needs.
Has a very strong Recall, No, and Bite Inhibition.
Has a partial Off (don't jump on me), Leash Training, and House Training.
Comes with a vet exam and shot record.
Has played with pre-teens and teens.  
Has met strange men and women at the feed store and in their play yard. 

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